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17 Feb

What Does My Name Mean

What Does My Name Mean

What does my name mean

Every child that enters this world is eventually given a name. Within a couple weeks of birth, they are stuck with it for the rest of their life. Unless of course there are a couple of "no names" running around, but " no names" would also be considered a name as well so we will go with the first theory before it gets confusing. Names have meanings behind them and parents usually know why they named their child what they did. It could have been after someone, a name they just liked or there could be a unique story behind the name. Names also use numerology to determine their specific meaning better known as name numerology.

How Did You Get That Name?

Well, you know what they say about curiosity? That poor dear old cat. If you really want to know why you were named what you were, go ask the source, your parents. Someone was actually named after a playboy bunny, thank you, mom and dad, for that one. I guess it could be worse, you could be named Mary Christmas or Seymour Weiner. Sounds like a joke, right? Sadly it is not, they are actual people. Go right ahead and ask your parents, but don't say you were not warned, when later I say " told you not to ask!"

Name Numerology

Each letter in any given name is represented by a value. That value has a particular meaning. Letter A,I,J,Q and Y= 1, Letters B,K,R = 2, Letter C,G,L,S = 3, D,M,T = 4,H,E,N,X = 5, U,V,W = 6, O,Z = 7,B,F = 8 and 9 represents no numbers. Next you add them together and eventually you figure out the meaning behind it. Click on what does my name mean for more info.

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