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28 Aug

There's Far More to a Name Than Most People Ever Imagine

There's Far More to a Name Than Most People Ever Imagine

The name truly is the thing

There's been almost countless things said about names over the centuries. Great poets and writers alike have given their thoughts and ideas about the subject. But one of the most amazing things about names is the fact that everyone has a little bit to say on the subject. We all have a name, and we all can give thought to what it means to us. But on the flip side of things, it's equally interesting to think about the fact that there is some objective components to a name. In fact, many cultures have a way of analyzing names in a way that borders on mathematics. This can be considered name mathematics, or name numerology. This is because it translates the meaning of a name into an objective set of components and values. This might seem interesting in and of itself. But one of the most fascinating aspects of this process is that it can help guide one along the path of life.

Names are also guideposts

Of course, as with any journey of self discovery, things have to start somewhere. And in this case it's by asking what does my name mean. This one question is the beginning of some pretty amazing answers. The question might sound simple. But it's also asking what one is good at. The question is asking where one is in life. And the question is also asking where that journey should be heading. And perhaps most importantly for many people it's also asking who one should share that journey with. A lot of times it seems like a partner might be the one we're destined to spend our life with. But looking at the meaning of our own name and their name together will influence whether we should glance over at someone else or not.

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