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21 Mar

What Does My Name Mean

What Does My Name Mean

What Does My Name Mean

Your name is such an ingrained part of who you are that it is difficult for you to differentiate it from your life and to put it in greater context. Your first and last names have a history behind them that play into who you are as a person and where you come from.

The meaning of your last name

Your last name will help to shed light on the origin of your family as well as the station of your family. Many last names were originally given out to families based on their profession and the classic example is smith as in blacksmith. Of course over time the station of a family may change and the original name may not have meaning any longer. But still, your last name may shed some light on the station that your family had at some distant point in history. Your family name will also identify where your family is from and what your cultural ancestory is and that is a major reason why people seek to find out what their name means and where that name is popular in the past.

The meaning of your first name

Your first name is more based on the naming preferences of your parents than your last name and sheds less about your past. It may tell more about your family history though in the sense that certain first names are common in certain families and may be used to honor loved relatives who have passed away. Many first names are passed down from generation to generation and what does my name mean may involve more of the answer of what the name means to your parents than what it means in general. Though what your name means in general and the origin of the first name can be examined and explored as well.

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